Learn How to Identify Hardwood

Do you want to buy a furniture set or build your own customized furniture? Well, before you make a deal, it is better to learn how to identify hardwood. Why we have to learn about that? It is because the quality of the wood is the key of the quality of the furniture. The high quality furniture should be made of finest wood. The hardwood is mostly used to create the grade A furniture because of the strength, the durability and the exotic look. that is the main reason why we have to distinguish the type of wood, especially if we want to build our own furniture set, so that we can get the high quality wood to create the furniture.

how to identify hardwood 300x256 Learn How to Identify Hardwood

Is it hard to differentiate the type of wood? How to identify hardwood and distinguish the hardwood from soft wood? There are two ways to differentiate the type of wood. The first process is to identify the tree. So you can find out whether the tree will produce the hardwood or soft wood. The characteristic of the trees that produce hard wood can be seen from the shape of the leaves. The hardwood trees usually have flat leaves that are broad. The single blade leaves or the group of leaves attach together into the stem. That is the general information that you should know to identify the hardwood tree. However, some of the hardwood trees do not have the common feature. So you can check other features or check the other specific feature on the reliable sources. The other way that we can do to identify the hardwood is to check the wood in the board form.

Sometimes it is easier to check the type of the wood in the board form. First, check the board itself. Make sure that it is the real wood. Why? Well, it is because nowadays we can get the processed material that looks like real wood. The imitation wood can be made of plastic or composite. After you really sure that it is the real solid wood, you can check the pattern of the wood. The real wood has rich natural color and the pattern that is unique because of the growing process. If it is possible check also the hardness of the wood. Those are several tips that you can use in order to identify the hardwood. If you still find that it is difficult how to identify hardwood, you should buy the furniture or wooden board at the reliable place that can guarantee that they only sell the high quality hardwood.