Wood Furniture Design – Minimalist Wood furniture Design wood

wood furniture design 243x300 Wood Furniture Design – Minimalist Wood furniture Design woodNow a days, the minimalist wood furniture design is a type of furniture that is in great demand by the international market.

Minimalist wood  furniture design has identic with furniture simple design. The design or simplicity  is deliberately highlighted, and be a characteristic of minimalist furniture it self. Minimalist furniture does look more elegant and more robust than the others furniture designs.

Solid and strong impression for the minimalist wood furniture design can be seen from the thickness of each of the components which is used to make it.
Although the main characteristic, the simple design of furniture minimalist that does not mean you can add sweetener accent at all in design.

Many  kind of minimalist wood  furniture design deliberately design by adding additional accent or ornament designs such as the addition of engraving. The purpose of adding additional accents are seen to be more attractive (not monotonous).

However, the addition of these engravings cannot be done carelessly.  There must be consideration so not eliminate the minimalist value on furniture. Engraving is added must be made ​​with simple motifs such as simply adding variety striped carving or engraving a simple patterned others (the point is having mismatched)in wood  furniture design.

Furthermore, the addition of carvings accent only in small part. It aims to make the wood furniture design does not look complicated (do not lose the minimalist impression). The picture above is one simple carving motifs are added to the minimalist design furniture