Manufacturing Process of Furniture

In the manufacturing process of  furniture there are several stages of processes.  All process must be done in furniture making to get maximal quality and finally get satisfied from buyer. Processes become important key to durable and quality wood furniture. Result last without trough complete process can make first interesting but can not durable. This is step in production process.

The wood result of hewing we known as log wood, from this the furniture making process is started. The log wood will be distributed to sawmill.

Swamilling Process
Swamilling is the first manufacturing process of furniture. When on the swamilling process,a logs are split as according to required size. In sawmill area, split panels disjointed according to is thick and kind of wood so easy arrange in kiln dry.

Before put in kiln dry, panel and block wood be placed first in outdoor in order moisture content will evaporate because of outdoor temperature. In order quality wood kept, at least 1 week after sawmill, the wood must be dried soon.

manufacturing process of furniture 300x200 Manufacturing Process of Furniture

Kiln Dry Process
The drying process (Kiln Dried) with specific heating system is a process in order to reduce the moisture content on the wood about 12 to 15%. All kinds of wood must be dried. Soft wood will easy crack in the process of drying quickly. Kiln dry process need 2 until 4 weeks, depend on specify of wood, panels thick, and room dry capacity. Good dry method is use the right equipment. It  can minimize the risk of being broken and warped wood. This prosess is the important manufacturing process of  furniture.

Spliting and Cutting Process
Spiling and cutting process is the first of component process. Here, the wood be cut and split according size product that was needed with a SERCLE machine or cutter saw.

Planing and drilling process
Small block wood then be sent to plane machine or thicknesses to get final result with smooth surface without line saw. After planning, component be moved to drilling machine or pen machine (TENONER and MORTIZER) to get construction. If basically construction manufacturing process of  furniture finish, all component will the end in sanding process before assembling process.

Sanding Process
In the sanding process, all the components that have been processed. It will obtain the components that have been refined with the same size before assembling process.

Assembling Process
Assembling manufacturing process of  furniture is a assemble of components into finished goods. There some possibility component needs to be assembled before finishing, and there are only assembled after finishing. Commonly assembling process be done before finishing, in order when the product has smooth do not get defect because of scratch.

Assembling one of them important quality key, mainly strength of product. This process need patient so glue usage enough proper and not excess. Beside that patch quality only can be repaired in this process. From all manufacturing process of  furniture, assembling is the relative long process and difficult.

Finishing Process
Finishing Process is the last manufacturing process of  furniture. It is a process of layering wood surface with purpose to make beautiful and also protect furniture from insect attach or moisture air.
Some type of furniture, finishing process easier be done before furniture be assembled.

Packing process
Out of finishing, products move to packaging area. In this area some accessories (key, handle, reel, etc) and other equipment patched again. Kinds of packing also depend on last purpose and level quality furniture. More expensive and more far delivery location need stronger packaging and more carefully.