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PT Segoro Mas Solo, is furniture and craft manufacturer located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. PT Segoro Mas Solo is a dynamic and professional furniture company established in 1999. It's main activity is in design, production and export of high quality of recycled teak furniture from Indonesia. We have been in this business for more than 10 years, from manufacturing to exporting our products to many countries all over the world. Our products are indoor and outdoor furniture for any kind of season. The factory has the capacity of 8 x 40” container per month. Most of the material we use is teak wood. Recycle teak ,plantation teak and any other material the customer need. We are full machine made with wide area factory 10.000M2 and 80 employee. We have many recent design, but we also have a service of build your own design, so that the products will be built exclusively for you. Under international law, the product will not be sold to any other customer. Since the issue of global warming become very important nowadays, we use reclaimed wood, wood from old building, or bridge, to build the furniture. We also have a program of planting 100 trees for each container shipped from our company. We guarantee that we will give you the best of our product and service, please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry

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Why Teak Furniture So Popular Part II

Are you already have a teak furniture in your house? Did you still think back to buy a teak furniture because teak’s price are too high?  Or you still doubt with teak’s quality and the quantity? As we know in previous article, teak has high point in use, durability, and other advantages. This article can [...]

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Why Teak Furniture So Popular

Teak furniture was made with teak wood as the main material. While teak has the best quality when used to be a furniture material because it’s strength, solidity and also has long durability. When comparing teak with other furniture woods, teak has the number one in all thing like teak’s strength can endure most of [...]

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Luxury Bed Made from Teak Wood

Bed is special thing for us. Bed used to sleep and release our tiredness after a day doing activity. And did you know, a bed made from teak wood can improve your sleep quality? You can see the bed was simple, but the teak make it look like a remarkable throne. What makes the teak [...]

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